The Ultimate Truck Parking Guide - 6th Edition (Spiral Bound)

The Ultimate Truck Parking Guide (6th Edition)(Spiral Bound Version)was written for over-the-road truck drivers. The primary purpose of the book is to provide a comprehensive list of tractor-trailer parking locations. In fact, this book provides over 11,000 locations. Whether looking to find over night or short term parking, drivers utilizing this book will quickly realize the benefit of having their own copy. Additionally, the book is an eating guide, shopping guide, entertainment guide and a money saving guide. As a parking guide: it includes parking locations such as truck stops, travel plazas, pharmacies, hospitals, rest areas, truck only parking areas, weigh stations, and motels. As an eating guide: the book includes grocery stores, full service and fast food restaurants such as Golden Corral, Applebees, Cracker Barrel, Starbucks, Ryan’s Restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings and Longhorn Steakhouse. As a shopping guide: it includes department stores such as Kmart and Walmart Supercenters, Malls, Kohl’s and Target. As an entertainment guide: it includes casinos, flea markets, cinemas, water parks, amusement parks, fishing holes, golf courses, beach parking, and more. As a money saving guide: notes are made throughout the book in reference to where drivers can receive free WIFI, free coffee, free showers, free snacks, free soft drinks, free laundry, free sanitary dumps and even a free motel room. The book also offers the following unique advantages: • In most cases, exact count as to how many trucks can fit on the lot. • Businesses within close walking distance are noted in parenthesis. • Notes as to what side of the highway the business is on and directions if needed.
The Ultimate Truck Parking Guide - 6th Edition (Spiral Bound)
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